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Subject: RE: [office] Notes from 25 April 2022 - ODF Teleconference

I have completed an action (not minuted) with reference to JIRA issue Office-4118, which was to check that the XSLT script at https://github.com/oasis-tcs/odf-tc/blob/master/src/test/resources/odf1.4/tools/getAttributeDefaults.xsl will successfully extract default values of attributes when the default value (if any) is dependent upon the parent element. Provided the correct text styles have been applied to the text, and provided the section heading contains the correct reference mark, this XSLT script will successfully extract default values. In the case of 19.874.7, for example, the XSLT will output the following string:

<attribute name="text:start-value" defaultValue="1" element="text:outline-level-style"/>

I can also confirm that the correct styles and reference mark are present in the current WD of ODF1.4, so the XSLT script should work.


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Subject: [office] Notes from 25 April 2022 - ODF Teleconference


The notes from the ODF TC teleconference follow below.

Pandemic numbers are picking up, be careful!



*Patrick:*  quorum

*Patrick:*  agenda - approved by consent

*Patrick:*  Minute 11 April 2022 - approved by consent

*Patrick:*  4. Part4-OpenFormula - changes as suggested by Regina - agreed by Francis

*Patrick:*  omissions from the resolution fields and fix in master document

*Patrick:*  No issues with the resolutions in Part4 - accepted to the working draft - brackets should already be in next working draft -

*Patrick:*  5. listing of issues - Francis - changes are listed grouped by elements or attributes, new or existing, then in name order/section order - where new elements/attributes, change the numbering or should all new elements / attributes at the end so not to disrupt the previous numbering

*Patrick:*  What is the correct numbering of new elements / attributes - in the main text and how to list in the appendix

*Patrick:*  No problem with re-numbering in part 4

*Patrick:*  Should we retain the grouping by new ?

*Patrick:*  By Francis

*Patrick:*  Regina - yes - can read what is changed versus what is new

*Patrick:*  Just add index by Jira issue

*Patrick:*  Francis - part of the publication

*Patrick:*  :

*Patrick:*  ?

*Patrick:*  Regina - have in the master draft, remove in the final specification

*Patrick:*  Needs links to the changes in the text

*Patrick:*  just reverse the order of the change listing JIRA-Number element/attribute link-to-changed-section

*Patrick:*  Just need JIRA-Number + link-to-changed-section

*Patrick:*  6. Office-4118 - move default for the element and does the default remain at 1? even though 0 is a possible value?

*Patrick:*  Regina - default should remain at 1.

*Patrick:*  Regina - does it work when default is at the attribute and not at the element?

*Svante:*  https://github.com/oasis-tcs/odf-tc/blob/master/src/test/resources/odf1.4/tools/getAttributeDefaults.xsl

*Patrick:*  Regina - need to be clear the script still works if we move the default to another place.

*Patrick:*  Patrick - withdraws question - note in JIRA and in the spreadsheet

*Patrick:*  7. Part3-Schema-WD:

*Patrick:*  Regina - started to look at it - takes too long if we review every issue

*Regina Henschel:*  Affected issues (count 36) for now in part 3: 1909, 2390, 2949, 3005, 3022, 3685, 3710, 3741, 3751, 3761, 3816, 3846, 3936, 3953, 3997, 4004, 4023, 4025, 4026, 4033, 4047, 4073, 4086, 4092, 4093, 4101, 4102, 4103, 4104, 4105, 4106, 4107, 4108, 4118, 4119, 4121

*Patrick:*  Regina - distribute issues for review - among other TC members

*Patrick:*  Regina - will distribute them - excluding the editors

*Patrick:*  The editors will distribute issues to TC members

*Patrick:*  Regina - in github - file is 1.3, should be 1.4

*Patrick:*  And the introduction should be 1.4 (now says 1.3)

*Patrick:*  in schema

*Patrick:*  Lines 11 - 13

*Regina Henschel:*  issue-4108 part <rng:ref name="number-num-list-format"/>, line 13762 doubled start tag.

*Patrick:*  Yes at line 13762

*Patrick:*  <rng:zeroOrMore>

*Patrick:*  9. Public Comment:  FORMATTING: Allow to assign Layouts to Master Slides, effectively creating a new "Master Slide+Layout combination" for presentations in LibreOffice Impresshttps://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office-comment/202204/msg00000.html

*Patrick:*  Does the TC like it? if so, respond to the user and ask implementers to notify us when they intend implement it. - before they do, the TC can discuss when someone is going to implement it.

*Patrick:*  Regina - needs to request from implementers to get the details of the request

*Patrick:*  set to ODF-Later - contact the user about requesting this feature from vendors - and they should contact the TC.

*Patrick:*  Patrick will answer the user

Patrick Durusau
Technical Advisory Board, OASIS (TAB)
Editor, OpenDocument Format TC (OASIS), Project Editor ISO/IEC 26300 Co-Editor, ISO/IEC 13250-1, 13250-5 (Topic Maps)

Another Word For It (blog): http://tm.durusau.net
Homepage: http://www.durusau.net
Twitter: patrickDurusau

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