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Subject: Notes from 25 April 2022 - ODF Teleconference


The notes from the ODF TC teleconference follow below.

Pandemic numbers are picking up, be careful!



*Patrick:*  quorum

*Patrick:*  agenda - approved by consent

*Patrick:*  Minute 11 April 2022 - approved by consent

*Patrick:*  4. Part4-OpenFormula - changes as suggested by Regina - agreed by Francis

*Patrick:*  omissions from the resolution fields and fix in master document

*Patrick:*  No issues with the resolutions in Part4 - accepted to the working draft - brackets should already be in next working draft -

*Patrick:*  5. listing of issues - Francis - changes are listed grouped by elements or attributes, new or existing, then in name order/section order - where new elements/attributes, change the numbering or should all new elements / attributes at the end so not to disrupt the previous numbering

*Patrick:*  What is the correct numbering of new elements / attributes - in the main text and how to list in the appendix

*Patrick:*  No problem with re-numbering in part 4

*Patrick:*  Should we retain the grouping by new ?

*Patrick:*  By Francis

*Patrick:*  Regina - yes - can read what is changed versus what is new

*Patrick:*  Just add index by Jira issue

*Patrick:*  Francis - part of the publication

*Patrick:*  :

*Patrick:*  ?

*Patrick:*  Regina - have in the master draft, remove in the final specification

*Patrick:*  Needs links to the changes in the text

*Patrick:*  just reverse the order of the change listing JIRA-Number element/attribute link-to-changed-section

*Patrick:*  Just need JIRA-Number + link-to-changed-section

*Patrick:*  6. Office-4118 - move default for the element and does the default remain at 1? even though 0 is a possible value?

*Patrick:*  Regina - default should remain at 1.

*Patrick:*  Regina - does it work when default is at the attribute and not at the element?

*Svante:*  https://github.com/oasis-tcs/odf-tc/blob/master/src/test/resources/odf1.4/tools/getAttributeDefaults.xsl

*Patrick:*  Regina - need to be clear the script still works if we move the default to another place.

*Patrick:*  Patrick - withdraws question - note in JIRA and in the spreadsheet

*Patrick:*  7. Part3-Schema-WD:

*Patrick:*  Regina - started to look at it - takes too long if we review every issue

*Regina Henschel:*  Affected issues (count 36) for now in part 3: 1909, 2390, 2949, 3005, 3022, 3685, 3710, 3741, 3751, 3761, 3816, 3846, 3936, 3953, 3997, 4004, 4023, 4025, 4026, 4033, 4047, 4073, 4086, 4092, 4093, 4101, 4102, 4103, 4104, 4105, 4106, 4107, 4108, 4118, 4119, 4121

*Patrick:*  Regina - distribute issues for review - among other TC members

*Patrick:*  Regina - will distribute them - excluding the editors

*Patrick:*  The editors will distribute issues to TC members

*Patrick:*  Regina - in github - file is 1.3, should be 1.4

*Patrick:*  And the introduction should be 1.4 (now says 1.3)

*Patrick:*  in schema

*Patrick:*  Lines 11 - 13

*Regina Henschel:*  issue-4108 part <rng:ref name="number-num-list-format"/>, line 13762 doubled start tag.

*Patrick:*  Yes at line 13762

*Patrick:*  <rng:zeroOrMore>

*Patrick:*  9. Public Comment:  FORMATTING: Allow to assign Layouts to Master Slides, effectively creating a new "Master Slide+Layout combination" for presentations in LibreOffice Impresshttps://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office-comment/202204/msg00000.html

*Patrick:*  Does the TC like it? if so, respond to the user and ask implementers to notify us when they intend implement it. - before they do, the TC can discuss when someone is going to implement it.

*Patrick:*  Regina - needs to request from implementers to get the details of the request

*Patrick:*  set to ODF-Later - contact the user about requesting this feature from vendors - and they should contact the TC.

*Patrick:*  Patrick will answer the user

Patrick Durusau
Technical Advisory Board, OASIS (TAB)
Editor, OpenDocument Format TC (OASIS), Project Editor ISO/IEC 26300
Co-Editor, ISO/IEC 13250-1, 13250-5 (Topic Maps)

Another Word For It (blog): http://tm.durusau.net
Homepage: http://www.durusau.net
Twitter: patrickDurusau

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