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Subject: OIC TC 2011-09-07 Meeting Minutes

Date:  Wednesday 7 September 2011
Time:  13:30 - 14:30 UT
The chat room: <http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/oic>
(doesn't count for attendance) 
The call-in numbers: 
Meeting agendas also provide the pass codes and the commonly-used call-in
The action items (log-in required):
The 5/7 voting members present, satisfying the 4/7 quorum requirement.
    * Bart Hanssens, Fedict (Chair)
    * Mingfei Jia, IBM
    * Robert Weir, IBM
    * Andreas Guelzow, Individual
    * Dennis Hamilton, Individual (Secretary)
      Louis Suarez-Potts

      [* = Voting Member at start of meeting (5)
       + = becoming Voting Member at conclusion of meeting (0)
       = = Persistent Non-Voting Member (0)]
      Charles Schulz, Ars Aperta
      Alex Wang, Beijing Sursen International 
      Jeremy Allison, Google Inc.
      Donald Harbison, IBM
      Peter Junge, Individual
      Svante Schubert, Individual
      Cherie Ekholm, Microsoft
    - Doug Mahugh, Microsoft
      Eric Patterson, Microsoft
      Kazmer Koleszar, MultiRacio
      Alan Clark, Novell
      Bernd Eilers, Oracle Corporation
    - Andrew Rist, Oracle Corporation
      Tom Rabon, Red Hat
      Jerry Smith, US Department of Defense
      [* = Voting Member at start and end of meeting (0)
       - = Voting Member becoming non-voting Member at end of meeting (2)
       = = Persistent Non-Voting Member (0)]
Minutes for the 2011-08-24 Meeting, approved without objection: 

1.3 TODAY'S AGENDA, approved without objection:
  #0015 Template Scenarios.  No progress.  
  #0041 Battery of ODF 1.2 Assessment Documents.  In progress.

3.1 Interop Advisories

Dennis requests review of 00006-SHA256_URIs (he called it 00007 in his notes).  This is a new one recommending a practice around the acceptance of the incorrect URIs and only producing the correct ones (which are accepted in conforming documents already).

Dennis will add a new one on Digital Signature Namespaces reflecting the proposal posted to the list previously.

Questions on how to approve these and the others as Candidate Advisories were discussed.  It was also suggested that a Committee Note could be started on these, or some organized blocks of them, and getting to the 60-day public review that is now required.

It is suggested that all of the current ones be reviewed by the end of September.  Additional candidates from wikis and other sources can be added as well.

3.2 Other Deliverables

Bart reviewed existing deliverables and others in the OIC Charter:

3.2.1 Guidelines on Authoring Interoperable Documents

Rob has been searching around for whether anyone else has looked at the problem to be addressed by the guidelines.  Dennis remarked that there was some discussion on interoperable templates at an event he attended.  Dennis will check to see if there is any material from that activity.  It might have been a Fraunhofer or Cambridge University activity.  

3.2.2 State of Interoperability Report

In the Plugfest in Berlin, the "State of Interoperability" report, especially its characterization of interoperability was discussed favorably.  A new one could provide more information on additional issues, along with experience with ODF 1.2, especially OpenFormula.

It was also considered that, in an appendix of the next State of Interop there could be a status report on accomplishments of the OIC TC.

3.2.3 Profiles

There is interest in a Web Profile.  One approach would be a mapping between ODF and HTML[5] and vice versa.  This is an area for WebODF and Mobile. HTML5 targeting could provide much richer correspondence for ODF.

The legacy issues around the more documents there are with current rendering approaches, the more necessary it becomes to preserve that with whatever more-rigorous mapping in and out of a rendering that is profiled, whether an HTML5 one or some other.

The next step for a Web Profile for ODF might be quiet conversations with other groups that might have a shared interest.

3.2.4 Conformity Assessment Methodology

This has not been a developed area for us.  Dennis reported that the Test Assertions Guidelines (TAG) TC now has two standards-track Committee Specifications going to their final public review, along with an expository Committee Note.  An intriguing question was whether TAG could be applied to itself.

Packages and the use of ODF Validator and perhaps the ODF Toolkit as a fixture also was considered.

3.2.5 Interoperability Test Document Corpus
This is identifiable in the scope.  There is nothing new at the moment.

4.1 At Open World in Paris, end of September, Louis is presenting

4.2 There is an LibreOffice event in Paris also, including an ODF Master Class

4.3 The next plugfest is November 17-18 in The Netherlands.


The next teleconference meeting is September 21.

Respectfully submitted,

  Dennis E. Hamilton, OIC TC Secretary


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