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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Experts needed

Le 8 juin 08 à 21:58, robert_weir@us.ibm.com a écrit :

> I've received a couple emails from people asking how they can help  
> with this effort.
> When I was deciding whether or not to propose this TC, I asked  
> myself what would be needed to succeed.  If it was just me, it would  
> not succeed.  It it was just me and 2 or 3 ODF experts, it would not  
> succeed.  I think that a TC like this would require at least 6  
> participants, ideally comprised of experts in the following areas:
> 	• Representatives from the major ODF-capable applications -- at the  
> very least OpenOffice (Sun and Novell versions), Symphony, KOffice,  
> Google Docs & Spreadsheets and Microsoft Office.
> 	• A couple of people who know the ODF standard well
> 	• A "toolsmith", someone with excellent scripting ability (e.g.,  
> Python)and knowledge of XML in general to help create time-saving  
> automation tools that will make this effort possible.
> 	• Someone with a formal quality assurance background who can guide  
> the team into creating high quality test cases.  I know many of us  
> know the basics, from unit testing, etc.  But it is good to have  
> someone take the overall responsibility for the quality process.
> 	• A technical writer/editor for the TC's formal output
> 	• Someone with good outreach skills, especially into organizations  
> that have adopted ODF.  Especially on the real-world  
> interoperability tests, I think we need to get into their heads,  
> through interviews or site visits, and see what interop issues they  
> are really facing, and make sure that this information is guiding  
> the priorities of the work.  No sense in us spending months on text  
> styles if spreadsheet formulas are the things that are causing the  
> most problems.
> 	• Experts in specialties such as accessibility, right-to-left  
> (BiDi) writing systems, East Asian writing systems, etc., so we  
> craft good test cases for these areas.
> 	• Someone foolish enough to volunteer to lead this all
> These don't all necessarily need to be different people.  For  
> example, an ODF expert could all represent an ODF application and  
> also be the toolsmith.  But these are the kinds of skills that I  
> think are essential to the TC, if the effort is to succeed.
> -Rob

Well I can help with the 6th point at least and forwarded the OIIC  
call to JM. Gouarné, the author of OODoc.


Charles-H. Schulz
Associé / Founding Partner,
Ars Aperta

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