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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Draft proposal, or brain dump

2008/6/9 Shawn <sgrover@open2space.com>:
> I agree that we need something somewhere so that folks (like myself) can get
> up to speed and/or research the materials at hand.  But I believe that a) we
> should be vendor neutral, and b) that this discussion about wiki/google
> docs/whatever may be needed, but is off topic.

I'm unemployed, no afffiliations at all.
I could put xml  on my website but that would waste effort.

A wiki type environment (I count googledocs as such) seems
a fair compromise to me.

> Google as a company has openly supported ODF.  To use their products (google
> docs) may open us up to the perception of favortism, vendor preference, and
> even worse, vendor influence.

Even if some outsider such as myself is 'owner' of the pages?

 I don't really think this is a huge problem
> at all, in this case, but have learned from past experience with the local
> Linux User Group that perception can make or break a project.  So I'd rather
> avoid that issue outright, if possible.

Hard without hardware and a domain which is truly open?

> I was going to ask if there was some place where I could go and determine
> who is who, research the rules/regulations involved, and otherwise get up to
> speed so I can (possibly) contribute in a more meaningful manner.  This Wiki
> idea sounds like the place for that.  In the mean time any other useful URLs
> for me to investigate?

Thread, if this list is archived?
  It really is early days Shawn.


Dave Pawson

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