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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Acid Tests

Working on this definition then.

2008/6/12 Sam Johnston <samj@samj.net>:

> Yes, an Acid Test would need to be easily executed,

Define easily. I can't.

> which means opening a
> doc from a website (perhaps a dense, multi-column beast with embedded
> charts, sheets, etc., or a number of separate components/pages) and
> comparing it to an image/PDF reference and/or uploading a doc to a website
> for online analysis. I like David's definition of an Acid Test as a
> 'comprehensive test [that concisely?] renders the results visually in a
> manner that makes failures immediately obvious to the casual observer' by
> the way.

Foul. That means my mate Steve can't run it 'easily'. He's a casual
observer. He's blind.
No go Sam.

How about

"An acid test is  a document that does a comprehensive test
and renders the results  in a manner that makes failures
 obvious to the tester."

Clarification please. How can a document do anything?
How about

"An acid test runs a comprehensive test of an ODF instance
and generates the results  in a manner that makes failures
 obvious to the tester."

> Traditional test suites also have their place, in testing and certification
> labs, interop events, implementors, etc. but the bar is too high

Only for some of our users? The EU commission? Not likely.

 and the
> output too boring for consumption by the general public. They also tend to
> involve more work (2PY for ODF?) and have a hard time keeping up with faster
> moving standards. There has been some (good?) work done already in this area
> for ODF which we can reference/consume.

Given a 'harder' ODF standard the example I quoted earlier provides one option.

> I suggest that the TC have /both/ deliverables; with any luck the Acid Test
> will build up enough momentum on its own that the TC can focus on a more
> formal approach, and in the worst case the TC will have some good design
> notes/ideas/starting points.

I'm currently of the opinion that there will need to be too much
manual intervention
in any compliance test with ODF as it stands for an 'acid test' suite to be of
interest to the casual user.


Dave Pawson

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