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Subject: Reference implementation. Layout perfect.

Rob talked about class 4, Rick mentioned an XML language which was used
to specify page layout, David Gerard suggested 'layout perfect' as an
pragmatic version of pixel perfect.
We could benefit from a reference implementation.

Taking this in combination, consider a transformation from
some ODF test documents into XML something along the lines of
<page xsz='11' ysz='9' units='in'>
<line/> <!-- A blank line-->
<line fs='12pt'>Para content</
<graphic x='xpos' y='ypos' units='mm' xsz='12' ysz='24'/>

I think this class of language could provide a reference implementation.
How it might be used  is another matter. I'm presuming that it is feasible
to translate a text run into lines given a font size. Hyphenation
algorithms are available.
It's almost an xsl-fo implementation, but not quite. Worst case, for
test documents, this could be hand crafted.

How this might be presented, for comparison with a live page implementation of
the same ODF document I'm less sure. Is CSS good enough? I don't know.
It wouldn't take much to hack this into xsl-fo for a PDF realisation.

I could also translate it into annotated text for an audio rendition
for section 508 equivalence.

An idea.


Dave Pawson

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