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Subject: Marbux: Request for more detail

Paul, I've seen you reference the W3C CDF protocol (?).  So far, you 
seem to be the only one who thinks it applies.  Not being familiar with 
CDF, I can't make a judgment.  Could you provide some links and/or an 
explanation why you think this is pertinent.

Also, you have brought up Anti-Trust.  (And again seem to be the only 
one who as done so thus far.)  It would seem to me that Anti-Trust would 
be an issue for anyone who choses to implement a standard 
(ODF/OOXML/etc), or possibly were implementing the findings/output of 
the TC we are here to discuss.  As I understand things, we are here to 
discuss the charter for how the IIC TC will go about it's business. 
Could you provide some links or an analysis of why I need to worry about 
Anti Trust in an open forum to define the charter for a TC?

These are two distinct ideas though, and should probably become two 
separate threads...

As an aside, slowing down the entire discussion of this group, so that 
you can keep up, seems wrong to me.  I mean no disrespect to you here. 
But if we slow down so that everyone on the list can keep up and do all 
the research needed, ponder ramifications, draft verbose responses, etc. 
then this TC would never happen.  This screams of a delay tactic to me. 
  But perhaps I'm a little jaded from watching the SCO Saga for the past 
few years.

On the other hand, a little structure is a good thing.  The only 
structure I've seen proposed so far is to discuss one or two of the 
points needed by the charter each day.  I don't care who suggested it, 
but this is the best we have thus far.  All other conversations not 
specifically related to the charter are a little OT, but tolerated so 
that we can capture the ideas as they come up.  It is understood though 
(by me at least) that these points are not really our concern right now, 
but will be there when the TC begins it's work in earnest - in 
accordance with the Charter we are trying to draft.

My thoughts....


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