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Subject: Re: [Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Reference implementation. Layout perfect.]

2008/6/14 Sam Johnston <samj@samj.net>:

> It's true that there may have to be some manual component - the gradient
> example before is a good one in that while atomic testing of ODF itself will
> verify conformance with the spec, it won't tell us that the implementation
> interprets the ODF well and renders what is expected,

I'd judge the gradient issue as an atomic test. Tests one thing against
the standard. Just that it happens to be manual rather than automatic?

nor whether users'
> directives are accurately reflected in the resulting ODF after creating the
> object.

How can we correctly interpret 'user directives' unless they are in
the standard Sam? I'd say out of scope?

> This is also an example of something that would currently have to be sent
> back to the OpenDocument TC for clarification and ideally alignment with
> existing specifications (eg SVG) /before/ it would be useful in any manual
> tests; at least we should keep track of such issues if there is no issue
> tracking system for ODF itself (this could be the first such comprehensive
> review of the spec).

+1. Seems issue tracking is very hit and miss with this TC.
At least with docbook, another Oasis standard, they have bug tracking
and a log of RFE's at Sourceforge. ODF seems not to be able to
host such a service.


Dave Pawson

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