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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] ACID, roundtrip and Odf generation

2008/6/16 David Gerard <dgerard@gmail.com>:
> 2008/6/16 Henrik Sundberg <storangen@gmail.com>:
>> 2) Roundtrip tests should be more concerned with how applications
>> handles unimplemented elements (they should be kept intact). This
>> might be tested with documents that are just opened, resaved and
>> diffed.
> Off the top of my head: What are the independent code bases for ODF at
> the present time? OpenOffice.org, KOffice 2 and Google Apps? (I
> understand Symphony uses OOo 1.x code, so doesn't count as a separate
> base.) Make a document of stuff implemented in only one or two of
> those and see how it survives.

The document can contain completely private test extensions, making it
possible to use just one document for all applications.

I know to little about the extensions. Are they allowed to be located
at any place? If an extension for e.g. background color for cell B4
can be placed anywhere (with a private syntax), it will be difficult
for an unknowing application to handle the insertion of a new top row.
Are there any restrictions for extensions?


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