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Subject: Profiles. Attempting a definition.

objective. To gain some agreement from this group
(or at least understanding of what we think it means).

Not necessarily to lay on the TC, just to show what we meant.
Google seemed remarkably little help.

My own summary from this list below that.
I'll collate and put on the google site when comments start
to thin out.


Reference sources.
Term. Profiles.

* Google search


The concept of application profiles ...  has emerged within the Dublin Core
Metadata Initiative as a way to declare which elements from which
namespaces are used in a particular application or project.

Application profiles, part of the NVIDIA(R) graphics driver, allow you
to quickly create custom image quality and performance profiles for
all of your games and applications. For instance, you may wish to run
the latest car racing game at the highest levels of image quality for
antialiasing and anisotropic filtering. Or you may to run your
favorite action game at the highest speed possible. You can even set
global settings for all of your applications.

an application profile is a set of metadata elements, policies, and
guidelines defined for a particular application.

The elements may be from one or more element sets, thus allowing a
given application to meet its functional requirements by using
metadata from several element sets including locally defined sets.

* Brain dump.

Profile, from list usage.

Use profile (is this an applications profile?)
1. A use case for ODF. E.g. Web based documents, e.g. Googledocs
What parts of ODF are appropriate, essential, nice to have, less useful.
E.g. Mobile profile. How ODF might be used on a mobile phone or PDA.
E.g. Interchange profile. Some (reduced?) schema for document interchange
and archiving. Readily validated.
E.g. Accessible profile for non visual user. The application reading
the document processes the same file list, but no visual styling is
done. Audio and tactile output are produced.

Document Profile.
Some variation (subset or superset?) of the ODF Schema for a purpose.
Could be to 'enable', or satisfy a use case (application profile).
Schema based, Adjustments to the schema are made to suite the use case.
E.g. restrict the character set to (xyz) for use in Country xx-YY.
E.g. rename all the elements using one of the DSDL mapping standards
to make the elements usable in a non-Western country.

Dave Pawson

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