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Subject: TC Charter

As a an ordinary lurker and occasional user of wordworking and spreadsheet programs,
I would like to offer an immodest proposal, what I hope happens:

    1.    TC Charter
        a.    Name
            Open Document Interoperability, Conformance and Implementation
            (ICI) TC {in order of decreasing significance}
        b.    Statement of Purpose
            To Give Users Confidence that one application can accurately exchange
            ODF files with other applications.
        c.    Scope of Work
            Ongoing for as long as ODF changes.
            Selection of Levels (Profiles?) for the work,
                Level 1 being some useful subset of 1.0
                Level x including all of 1.0
                Level x+1 being the first to include parts of 1.1
                Level z including all of 1.1
                Level z+1 being the first to include parts of 1.2
                and so on, with any exceptions having a letter suffix.
        d.    List of Deliverables
            A registered trademark for "ODF Certified" to discourage impostors.
            Specifications for the tests to be performed to certify an application
                    to each level.
                Perhaps certification of implementations of these tests.
                Perhaps to found a certification service based on these tests
            Advice to implementors of applications about what to do about any
                possible ambiguities or omissions in the ODF specification.
            Perhaps a "reference" ODF to PDF converter as a troubleshooting
                convenience for users, not part of the conformance or
                interoperability tests because visual comparisons are subjective,
        e.    IPR Mode
            Same as ODF
        f.    Anticipated Audience
            Implementers and users of applications that read and/or write ODF files.
        g.    Language
            The TC shall conduct business in English

    2.    Non-normative information
        a.    Similar or applicable work
        b.    First Meeting (date, time, location, sponsor)
        c.    Meeting Schedule
        d.     Supporters
        e.    Convenor
            As chosen by Rob Weir, himself having enough else to do.
        f.    Member Section
        g.    Existing Technical Work optional
        h.    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) optional
        i.    Specification Working Title & Acronym optional

-- Gordon MacGinitie

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