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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] The importance to users of documents looking the same

2008/6/19 Simon Calderson <caldersons@yahoo.co.uk>:

>> Page breaks were introduced at the request of the accessibility subcommittee.
>> Sighted people have a habit of referring a reader to the top of page XXX.
>> Without (software accessible) page breaks, this isn't feasible for a
>> person reading the instance via audio.
> Oh, indeed. That's basically the same problem: certainly, it's primarily an accessibility issue, but it's also true for anyone who isn't doing a large desktop office suite: text-based applications, server-side processing, etc. It's basically really costly to figure out which content is on which page, and frankly you'd probably come to different answers than the original application anyway, so your page 6 might be their page 5.

This is the definitive untestable para in the spec (para 9 of section 2.3.1).
There are a few testable phrases, but the spirit is 'do as you want,
we don't care'

For this example I'm fully supportive of Pauls position.

This makes a good example of this (to be) TC proposing changes back to the TC
to clarify a requirement.


Dave Pawson

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