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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] The importance to users of documentslooking the same

Dave Pawson wrote:
> 1. This thread is that long and has changed so much I'm no longer
> sure what the 'problem' is any more.
> Could one of you put in simple English what you want and I'll
> try wordsmithing?

It has to do with the inability to define what a "profile" is. We don't 
want to attempt to hammer out a definition of and ODF profile on this 
list and nail the TC down to it (see the CDRF discussion). We do have 
some rough understanding of what ODF profiles should do. What kind of 
interop we would like to achieve by using profiles.

So, instead of hammering out a definition for profiles, can we together 
on this list write a set of use-cases of the kind of interop that 
profiles should fulfill, and then ask the TC to:

1) Research and develop a formal definition/spec/requirements of what an 
ODF profile is. One that satisfies all the use-cases we would develop.

2) Dictate that when ODF profiles are being developed by the TC, that 
they will use the requirements written under (1).

That way we can hopefully make sure that ODF profiles and interop work 
the way we want it to work, without nailing down the TC to anything too 

Both Garry Hurley and I don't know if it's possible to set a TC to work 
with use-cases and ask "make us something that does this". Is that 
possible under OASIS process? How would it work? Should it be in the 
charter? The list of deliverables? A combination of both? What would the 
language be like?

My hope is that it is far easier for this list to reach consensus on a 
set of use-cases instead of on a formal definition, and we would not 
limit the TC unnecessarily to boot. Hopefully this satisfies everyone's 
interests (Rob's that we don't nail the TC down too much, Marbux's that 
we don't give the TC a carte blanche. Etcetera)

Sander Marechal

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