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Subject: Thread cutting...


I have been trying very hard to keep up with the threads here.  I think I am doing a pretty good job, once I set up that mail rule to send marbux's emails to the deleted items folder (just kidding, for now :D).  Seriously, though, sometimes threads have seemed to stray quite a bit from their original topic, with the replies and comments on the replies (I am probably just as guilty of it) some threads have gone so far off-topic nobody can remember what the topic meant.  For example, what does "The importance to users of documents looking the same" have to do with whether IBM or Microsoft is trying to get things their way?  And do I really need to read a twenty-page text on what you think is wrong with the world as it is?  All I am asking is, Rob, can you cut some threads here?  You are the discussion leader, and since  some threads are so far off-topic, it might be nice if you reined us in a bit, so we can stay on-topic.  As it is, I have to read all of the threads, just in case someone posts something in the wrong thread.

Can we organize the threads a bit better people?  Please?  That way I can look at what is important to me and ignore the rest.

Garry L. Hurley Jr.
Application Developer 2
Office of Information Technology - Bureau of Application Development
PA Department of Labor & Industry
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My comments do not reflect those of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, its various agencies and departments, or its citizens.  They are my own, and may or may not be shared by those in positions of authority over me.

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