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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Thread cutting...

I do not have admin rights to "cut threads" or anything such thing.   I've certainly admonished the group to stay on target, stay succinct, not to feed the troll, etc.  You've all received similar notes from OASIS staff, the Chairman of the OASIS Board of Directors, as well as from several other members of the list similarly annoyed.  We have one member who appears to have ignored all of these notices.

It is technically possible for OASIS to put this list in moderation mode.  But this would introduce some delays in message delivery, as well as requiring some moderators.  We could request this of OASIS staff, if you think this would help.   Your will is my will in this regard.  Just let me know.  Please.


"Hurley, Garry \(L&I - OIT\)" <ghurley@state.pa.us> wrote on 06/20/2008 09:51:47 PM:

> on what you think is wrong with the world as it is?  All I am asking
> is, Rob, can you cut some threads here?  You are the discussion
> leader, and since  some threads are so far off-topic, it might be
> nice if you reined us in a bit, so we can stay on-topic.  As it is,
> I have to read all of the threads, just in case someone posts
> something in the wrong thread.
> Can we organize the threads a bit better people?  Please?  That way
> I can look at what is important to me and ignore the rest.

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