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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Deliverable: odf-diff?

I'll echo Dave's comments here. In addition --

I suggest that you check around with the folks who develop ODF
conversion software. E.g., the Novell and Clever Age folk. Hard to
imagine that the folks doing the heavy lifting on the conversions
between ODF and other formats don't already have such a tool.

I've heard rumors that Novell has an in-house build of OOo that lets
them switch back and forth between the rendered and XML source
versions of the document that is open. .If that's true, it's
conceivable that they might be persuaded to release it for developer
use and that it also has the diff capabilities you want.

But I don't see that as highly relevant to ODF app <> ODF app interop
before app dependencies are removed from the ODF spec in a core
profile. We have yet to decide whether the goal is a new standard
designed for interoperability that is only roughly based on ODF or
revision of the ODF spec to remove the app dependences. There is no
possible way of maintaining compatibility with the existing ODF specs
and still produce profiles that enable interop between different IT
systems because of the app dependencies in the existing spec..

So I don't see the relevance of your proposal to the interop work
until down the line. . Not saying there isn't any. But I'm way overdue
on sleep and I'd like to see an articulation of how the deliverable
you suggest relates to the interop work.before the core profile is
defined and inplemented.  We've got major surgery to do on the core of

It might help implentors  of the core  of the core prodile and later.
S I guess my major queston has to do with timing.

Best regards,


Universal Interoperability Council

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