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Subject: IRC Channel created and registered

Internet Relay Chat quick guide:

Jonathan Marsden has been kind enough to establish a place where this
group can meet in "real time".  In case there are those who are not
familiar with IRC, I offer this quick guide.

1.  You will need an IRC client.  XChat is one that is useful and fairly
easy to configure.  Pidgin is another, though not as versatile.  There
are certainly others out there that can be used, depending on your
operating system. 

2.  You will need to define what IRC network you want to use.  The one
that Jonathan established the channel on is irc.freenode.net.

3.  Choose a nick name to use, and put it in the appropriate box.  Nick
names can be anything.  Some people choose their own name, or some
derivative of it.  Others have been known to choose the name of a cat. 
Everyone is individual.  Should your nick name be rejected, it's
possible that the nick name is already registered on freenode.  Just
select another nick name.  (If you choose to register your nick name on
freenode, there are procedures for it that you can find at

4.  Back at the main window, click connect (to the server).  Once the
server shows that it's up, in the text entry box, enter "/join #oiic"
(without the quotes marks), and you're in.

5.  Text that is entered into the channel will appear next to the
nickname of who sent it.
In a large group (or even a small one that is extremely active)
conversations can become confusing.  One way of countering that
confusion is to specify what questions you are answering or what
comments you are relating to.  The way to do this is to start with the
nick name of the person, followed by a colon.  Example [nick name]:
would highlight the person and direct their attention to the particular

If anyone requires further help, just holler.

Craig A. Eddy

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