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Subject: Hijacked?

So, I had to take a short break from the list to deal with some work 
related issues.  Now that I am back, I have spent the time to browse 
through the messages I have missed and have come to the following 

- The discussion is being purposely derailed by one individual, it 
seems.  The reasons for the derailment can be guessed at, but are 
- The PURPOSE of this list is to create a charter for an 
Interoperability TC.
- The current focus of the list seems to be whatever this individual 
decides to throw out there, and the rebuttals and the subsequent 
ignoring of the rebuttals, and deflection to other irrelevant topics 
(given the purpose of the list).

This is unfortunate.  The few messages that are on topic and warrant 
further discussion seem to be getting lost in the fluff.

May I offer a suggestion that everyone just stop responding to that 
individual?  Ignore him.  If his points are anywhere near worthy of 
discussion - again given the purpose of this list - then they will be 
brought up by someone else who isn't looking to waste our time.

In layman terms... "quit feeding the trolls".

My thoughts.


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