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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Hijacked?

    Another term for it is "shunning".  It's a rather effective method
that has been used by various societies and religious organizations.

However, in this case, I would be tempted to say, "everything in


Shawn wrote:
> So, I had to take a short break from the list to deal with some work
> related issues.  Now that I am back, I have spent the time to browse
> through the messages I have missed and have come to the following
> conclusions:
> - The discussion is being purposely derailed by one individual, it
> seems.  The reasons for the derailment can be guessed at, but are
> irrelevant.
> - The PURPOSE of this list is to create a charter for an
> Interoperability TC.
> - The current focus of the list seems to be whatever this individual
> decides to throw out there, and the rebuttals and the subsequent
> ignoring of the rebuttals, and deflection to other irrelevant topics
> (given the purpose of the list).
> This is unfortunate.  The few messages that are on topic and warrant
> further discussion seem to be getting lost in the fluff.
> May I offer a suggestion that everyone just stop responding to that
> individual?  Ignore him.  If his points are anywhere near worthy of
> discussion - again given the purpose of this list - then they will be
> brought up by someone else who isn't looking to waste our time.
> In layman terms... "quit feeding the trolls".
> My thoughts.
> Shawn
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