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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] My perspective. Extensions

On Monday 30. June 2008 09:20:11 Dave Pawson wrote:
> > So, if anyone asks if an ODF application has round-trip preservation of
> > properties I want the first counter question to be if this is about known
> > or foreign properties ;)
> I'd prefer a simple definition.
> A known feature is define in the spec.
> An unknown one is not defined in the spec. Other name, an extension.

Yes, that definition describes what I meant with mine above ;)

> Lets say vendor A doesn't implement/support  SVG?
> Is that a known feature or unknown, to that vendor?
> I'd define that as unimplemented. A test should reveal that.

It is in the spec and thus we should check how far the implementation of your 
vendor As support goes. I can imagine an implementation being unable to show 
it on screen, but being able to save it out again unchanged. This means 
partial support. This difference in support is important to note.

Thomas Zander

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