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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] My perspective. display perferct?

On Monday 30. June 2008 17:31:15 David Gerard wrote:
> In this case it's something definable. There should be at least a
> definition possible, outlining what's possible and not and why.

Oh, I can tell you exactly why its impossible. Much like a theoretical 
physicist can tell you exactly why a perpetual motion machine is not 
possible, or why zero calories icecream is impossible.

It would be a very long technical explanation that would take considerable 
effort on your side to understand since it touches so many details.

Buy some beer and come to my place for a long weekend and we can make it so, 
in the end you will learn that the really simple conclusion that having a 
different codebase means a different end-result.

What I said before I still think is relevant; the people that know their 
typography come up with various tests of things that often are done 
differently or just plain wrong and we can do normal compliance testing of 
ODF features.
Very small variations that account for that one word moving to the next page, 
or worse, those unfortunately are just going to be different between 
implementations.  Please accept that.
Thomas Zander

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