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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] TC formation proposal: Central registry

Just picking up one point at a time.

2008/7/22 Peter Dolding <oiaohm@gmail.com>:

>> some thoughts:
>> - I know there was discussion of this central registry.  But I don't recall
>> there being a consensus view that this should be in the document...  Then
>> again, I've been in "skim" mode for the past week or so wrt this list.. :)
>>  If a consensus was reached, then I'll remove this comment.  Peter, I see
>> you as the "sponsor" for this idea, so no offense, but I'd rather hear of
>> the consensus view from someone else.. :)
> So far it has not resolved correct.   But as stated in my email for
> before this to Dave Pawson. It has to be sorted out for the report
> writer.

My view is that you are asking the wrong group Peter.
A central registry is not mentioned in ODF, which means to me
that it is not in scope for this groups work,
so your ideas should be sent to the main TC.

Thats why I haven't added it.

Dave Pawson

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