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Subject: Deliverables. charter version 1.1

Amended from feedback.
Retained the same numbering.
Merged 4 into 6.
Added 13 ('acid tests').

1d. List of Deliverables

1.Produce a report on the current state of ODF implementation
  interoperability; strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for
  future improvement.
2.Research best practices on profiles and produce a report on ODF
3.Produce an "ODF Conformance Test Requirements" document detailing
  how each atomic item in the standard is to be tested for conformance
  of an ODF document and or an ODF application to the ODF standard.
4. Removed. See 6.
5.To consider and provide, if applicable, relative priorities to tests
  or groups of tests
6.The TC shall deliver a definition of canonicalisation(c18N) above
  and beyond w3c c18N, to include such as style variations and any
  other relevant considerations for the purposes of supporting
  interoperability testing.
7.To consider and provide, if applicable, relative priorities to tests
  or groups of tests, one test or test group with another
8.To define how test documents are to be collected for use in testing.
9.A means of identifying extensions to ODF and adding an warning
  comment to the test output"
10.The specification of an FAQ, if appropriate, targeted at
  interoperability and conformance issues
11.A specification of interoperability addressing XML code level
12.A report to the main TC identifying perceived areas of weakness
    either for interoperability or testability.
13.A specification of a test suite testing interoperability areas
   (developed from *1) which requires no user intervention, runs in a
   relatively short time and presents a results summary to the
   user. The tests should be aimed to attract a large number of users
   to maximise feedback to ODF.  This class of test is sometimes known
   as acid testing.


Dave Pawson

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