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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] TC formation proposal.

2008/7/22 Shawn <sgrover@open2space.com>:

> There was lots of talk about acid tests, and other such testing.  But in
> that I don't seem to recall any understanding that the TC would be
> responsible for building those tests - just defining the tests.  Again, same
> point as above.  But I'm just one voice.. :)

Robs suggestion early on, I still think it makes sense.

>> Off the Street Human Readable Documents.   No killer legal terms and
>> the like sneaking in please.
> The discussion thus far for the FAQ deliverable is more aimed at the sorts
> of questions an implementor may be asking.  But there is nothing saying we
> cannot put a plain language explanation of the TC's charter into the FAQs as
> well.  The FAQ can easily serve as a tool to express ideas or concerns the
> public and/or implementors may want to hear about.  In my opinion.. :)

Sounds good.


Dave Pawson

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