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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Experts needed


I'm late!

Rob, I'd be glad to do technical writing. As long as I have documentation to go off and programmers to help explain things....of course please give someone else priority if they have more time available for it than I do (I only have around 6-8 hours a night maximum to work on such documents). Taking other people's solid ideas into something others can explain = not a problem. However,  right now I have no idea which part of the ideas mentioned for the acid test to actually put into that document that is sitting...nothing seemed to be 100% agreed on a "Yes, put that into the doc please". Beyond that I can ask software people at my work if they'd like to help with the  QA/ISO QA side but no idea what the answer would be.

I don't think that many people at my work have any clue about significance here, etc.


Matthew B Reingold

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