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Subject: Profiles

David Marston pointed out

The list of authors adds up to a lot more than a barrel of monkeys!
It's quite clear, I'd bet Ian Jacobs edited it!

From it some quite usable terms/definitions.

(Thanks David, I now know what a 'dimension of variability' is
http://www.w3.org/TR/2005/NOTE-spec-variability-20050831/#variability )
"The ways in which a specification can allow variability are referred
to as dimensions of variability."

"As a general principle, variability complicates interoperability. "

Even provides a definition of profiles
"A profile is a subset of the technology that supports a particular
functional objective or a subset of a set of technologies defining how
they are required to operate together (e.g., XHTML plus MathML plus
SVG [X-M-S]). (e.g., XHTML plus MathML plus SVG [X-M-S])."

Anyone see how that could be of use to this group?

More useful
"An individual profile defines the requirements for classes of
products that conform to that profile. Rules for profiles define
validity criteria for profiles themselves  i.e., if others (users,
applications, or other standards) define their own profiles of the
standard (called derived profiles of the specification), then rules
for profiles define the constraints that those derived profiles must
satisfy in order to be considered valid profiles of the

Another one
"Functional levels — or in common usage simply levels — are used to
group functionality into nested subsets, ranging from minimal or core
functionality to full or complete functionally. Level 1 is the minimum
or core of the technology. Level 2 includes all of level 1 plus
additional functionality. This nesting continues until level n, which
consists of the entire technology."

That could be a useful tool to analyse test groups.

A document well worth reading.

Thanks for the pointer David M. - quite possibly more direct use to
the main TC (it would make the OIIC job far easier)


Dave Pawson

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