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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Re: Re: draft proposal 0.3 - Establishing the conformance landscape

2008/7/30  <david_marston@us.ibm.com>:

> That's part of it. The stakeholder I had in mind is a government body
> that needs to issue "official government documents" that are part of
> the permanent public record. If these documents are computer files,
> they need to outlast the disk or server on which they were first
> created. The government does not want to force its citizens to buy
> (or even download for "free" but contingent on signing a contract)
> a particular kind of single-source software to read its documents.
> They want to use a class (C) or (B) tool today to produce a class (D)
> document that will be readable by the class (A) tool of 2083. That
> may be a lot to ask, but I think that stakeholder position needs to
> be represented at this TC.

That *should* be any organization with common sense, IBM included!
The value of a company lies in its information. Often tied up in
a secret format (commercial office app for instance). Moving that to XML
opens up the window just a tad.

Not many orgs have admitted that as yet though.

And my other questions David?

Dave Pawson

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