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Subject: Re: Re: draft proposal 0.3 - Establishing the conformance landscape

>> is me
> is Dave Pawson

>> Based primarily on sections 1.5 and 1.7, I see
>> references to the conformance of four classes of product:
>> (A) Conforming reader or display application
>> (B) Conforming producer of ODF, that is not an ODF editor
>> (C) Conforming reader-writer, such as an ODF editor
>> (D) Conforming ODF documents

>>Also note that classes A-D above will have different stakeholders, as
>>addressed in part 1f of the charter. I think we should strengthen the
>>protection for class (D) stakeholders by explicit acknowledgement

>>that some indirect beneficiaries hope to issue ODF documents that
>>will be permanently guaranteed to be readable by a conforming (A)

>Sorry. I've just read that twice and don't understand it. My attempt
>at simplification.

>Some users want to assure longevity for their files on disk?

>The archived document? Is that it?

That's part of it. The stakeholder I had in mind is a government body
that needs to issue "official government documents" that are part of
the permanent public record. If these documents are computer files,
they need to outlast the disk or server on which they were first
created. The government does not want to force its citizens to buy
(or even download for "free" but contingent on signing a contract)
a particular kind of single-source software to read its documents.

They want to use a class (C) or (B) tool today to produce a class (D)
document that will be readable by the class (A) tool of 2083. That
may be a lot to ask, but I think that stakeholder position needs to
be represented at this TC.
.................David Marston
IBM Research

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