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Subject: Re: Advisory Board Meeting Recap

Amanda - that's a good point; perhaps we look into establishing some sort of standing partnership. This is a matter our COO, Scott McGrath, is looking into more than Carol or I; if you wouldn't mind could we forward this comment along and perhaps make an introduction?

- Jory

On Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 7:04 AM Amanda Brock <abrock@openinventionnetwork.com> wrote:

I would suggest that you look a little more closely at what is available before you go to the trouble and cost of an entity and running it. Much of the grant funding could be done with a partner and some of the funding can be shared in collaboration with a non EU partner.

I have been going through various funding applications for Trustable so have much more insight into this than I did 6 months ago.Â

I joined the call part way through this conversation yesterday and did not realise the driver. I would not recommend you set up any form of European entity without really good clarity and a proposal on the funding you think you might be able to access.Â

You also have a lot of competition from existing European entities for the grant funding.

Sorry I canât make the dinner next week. I would love to attend your board meeting at some point and to meet everyone. I am looking for travel funding to attend COSS as I have been asked to speak but they donât have travel budget and am also looking at the possibility of attending All Things Open, so may yet see everyone in the US.



Amanda Brock
European Representative
Open Invention Network

On 8 Jul 2019, at 21:45, Jory Burson <jory.burson@oasis-open.org> wrote:

Hello Advisory Team -Â

Hope you are all staying cool so far this summer, and have enjoyed at least a few days of holiday.Â

Our call today covered a few topics, which I wanted to summarize for those of you who weren't able to make it (link to agenda). Unfortunately I wasn't able to record the meeting this time due to technical difficulties, but the points below capture everything succinctly:
  • We discussed the recently launchedÂOpen Mobility FoundationÂproject, which came to OASIS as an Open Project candidate but instead became our first "Foundation-in-a-Box" (FIAB)
  • Related, OASIS is looking at options to set up an entity in the EU in order to take advantage of grant funding for open source and standards projects in Europe. Deb suggested looking at what the Eclipse Foundation has been doing. If anyone has other recommendations we would welcome them!
  • We gave brief updates on 4 open projects that will be launching publicly this Fall.
  • We discussed the FIAB offering and to a lesser extent which types of organizations would be the right constituency for that service. The feedback strong that the word 'Foundation' may be sending confusing signals about the service and how flexible it is. We were encouraged to make the messaging and product simpler and emphasize the 'lightness' of the governance requirements and fees. We were encouraged to look at a different name, with 'Foundation-as-a-Service' being suggested if we can't find an alternative for Foundation that still conveys the 'Fiscal Agency' idea.
  • There was a suggestion to create a matrix of sorts to help with the service distinction; we didn't share it on the call but you can view that here - your feedback and clarifying questions are warmly welcomed!
Unsurprisingly, this was a very interesting and insightful conversation - we're keen to refine these services and make them more clear/helpful to projects. Thank you Deb, Heather, Amanda, Georg & all for your time and input.

OASIS's Board meeting is next week in Boston - if you happen to be in the area and are free for dinner, we would love to host you on July 24th! Let me know if you think you can make it.

At Jim's suggestion, we also created aÂdocument to capture conferences and eventsÂhappening in the remainder of 2019, where some collection of us might be gathered. Take a look at the list, add your events, and hopefully we can coordinate some coffee/dinner meetups where a group of us are gathered.

On a final note, I realize we parted today without establishing the time for our next call. I'll be sending around a Doodle Poll for our next meeting and targeting a date in September.

Talk to you all soon,

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