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Subject: A Quick AC Check-in

Hello, AC members,

Just wanted to check in and share a things you may findÂuseful:Â

First, in case you missed it, GitHub has released an update to their actions feature, currently in beta. I've been poking around thinking about how this can be more useful to open source project & community management, and think it shows a lot of promise. As we learn more, or come up with anything we think is terribly clever, we'll of courseÂlet you know.Â

Second, our Ethereum OASIS Open Project has published its project charter and has had a workshop accepted at an upcoming Ethereum Conference, Devcon, in Japan. If any of your orgs plan to have a presence there, let me know so I can come say hello.

Related, there are several different events happening in September:
If you happen to be going to one of these places, or another event, let us know so perhaps a subset of us can meet for dinner/coffee & conversation.

Thanks all! Looking forward to talking again soon - in the interim don't hesitate to reach out if I can help with anything!


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