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Subject: Updates on the HTTPS Specification

A quick update on the OpenC2 Over HTTPS Transfer Specification:

1) A WD01 document package has been posted to OASIS Kavi:


2) The GitHub repo has been updated to align with the WD01 Google Doc. A WD01 branch has been created there to make it easy for readers to get to that version.


3) A new Google Doc, WD02-wip has been created for future work. Comments have been carried forward from WD01 and commenting enabled on the new document.


4) A CSD ballot has been opened on the WD01 package, running for two weeks (ending 23 August)


Please review Working Draft 01 and vote on the CSD ballot.


David P. Lemire
 OpenC2 Technical Committee Executive Secretary
 OpenC2 Implementation Considerations SC Co-chair
 Contractor support to NSA
Email: dave.lemire@g2-inc.com
Office: 301-575-5190 / Mobile: 240-938-9350

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