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Subject: STIX 2.1 Use cases

Jyoti sent an email to CTI/STIX membership on 1-Feb with text that STIX
is including in their 2.1 version. That text has openc2 commands in it.
I took the liberty of copying from that document into our use cases. It
is now at

The intent of the STIX use case directory is to record what CTI has in
their documents.

I think organizations interested in STIX use cases should put their use
cases in their own directories, not in STIX (eg sFractal's STIX use case
is #9 in
albeit it needs work). 

A quick review of these use cases shows me we need to 
(1) let them know when they have something different than what we
currently have (eg they should replace network_connection with
ip_connection) and 
(2) they have targets/specifiers/options we need black ink text in the
property tables (eg direction, target_dns, start_time, ...).

Duncan Sparrell
sFractal Consulting LLC
iPhone, iTypo, iApologize

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