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Subject: Language SC Agenda for 2/27

The agenda for Tuesday's LSC is loaded into Lucid. I suspect I've missed some items so please let me know and I'll add them. To review the agenda, I found it by clicking on the meeting on my lucid calendar. You may get there directly by https://meet.lucidmeetings.com/meeting/184673 (or maybe that link is only for me, I don't know).

Because Lucid is new and people may have trouble accessing, I've attached a pdf. We will probably add items I forgot in sections 5 & 6 (or new ones may come up between now and Tues which I'd be happy to add).

As you will see I am proposing a new agenda which tries to get the things we'll agree on out of the way first, as well as tries to give the material changes more priority. The hope is we'll knock off the easy stuff quickly and spend most of the meeting on the issues. This is an attempt to improve things. It may or may not work. I would appreciate it if we at least try it for this meeting (and not spend this entire meeting discussing the agenda or how to make things better - I'd welcome email on that subject). The hope is we could get thru 1-6 in under 10 minutes. Note there are currently fourteen items in section 5 and four in section 6, and there will likely be more by Tuesday. The plan is not to discuss them in this 10 min - just approve the ones we agree to, and move the ones we don't into the discussion section. Please do your homework (recall Jason's assignment of homework last week) and read the items a priori as we will not be allowing time during the meeting for background reading.

Duncan Sparrell
sFractal Consulting LLC
iPhone, iTypo, iApologize

Attachment: Language_Subcommittee_Meeting_27_February_2018.pdf
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