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Subject: OpenC2; Standing Rules of the TC


Below the tear line of this email are three proposed standing rules.

Recall that on June 7 we discussed and voted to adopt a standing rule 
regarding the submission of artifacts to the TC.  Please review the wording of 
Rule Two and provide comments NLT COB June 23.  If the wording is acceptable 
then we ask the executive secretary to post.

Rule One and Rule Three were not discussed on June 7.

If the TC has one or more standing rules, then it seemed logical to spell out 
when [the standing rules] can be suspended, hence the motivation for Rule One.

The motivation for rule three was to provide a means for the co-chairs to 
review, prioritize and otherwise organize the agenda.  There were concerns 
stated about Rule three along the lines that Rule Three could become a means 
to stifle or otherwise hamper the business of the TC.   There is a mechanism 
in place to alleviate this concern.  Consider;  the 'rank' of the rules are 
Roberts Rule of Order, ByLaws and Standing Rules.  If a member wishes to 
discuss a topic during the course of a meeting, then there is nothing to 
preclude them from introducing a primary motion, and if any other member 
seconds, then the motion can be debated, amended etc.  The co-chairs cannot 
stop this because Roberts takes precedence over any standing rule.

Request comments on Rule One and Rule Three NLT COB June 23.  These were not 
voted on at the June 7 meeting and will be more formally deliberated at a 
further date.

Very Respectfully,

Joe Brule

===== tear line =====

In addition to the rules defined by the OASIS TC Process and Roberts Rule of 
Order, the OASIS OpenC2 Technical Committee has adopted a set of standing 
rules to facilitate the execution of the day-to-day business of the Technical 

Rule One;
1. The rules of OASIS or Roberts Rule of Order cannot be suspended as they are 
not standing rules and always apply.
2. During the course of a meeting, a standing rule may be suspended for the 
duration of a meeting. A motion to suspend a standing rule is not debatable 
and must be called to question immediately. The rule will be
suspended if any of the following criteria are met;
i. By a vote of 2/3 majority of the voting members present without prior 
ii. By a simple majority vote of the voting members present with prior notice

Rule Two;
1. All artifacts must be provided to the Executive Secretary no later than 
seven business days prior to the meeting of the technical committee.  The 
topic may be added to the agenda upon approval of the co-chairs or by proposal 
by members of the TC as described in Rule Three of these standing rules. If 
approved as an agenda item, the executive secretary will provide the artifacts 
to the members of the TC no later than three business days prior to the 
meeting of the technical committee.
2. Prior to consideration, the chair will call for objections.
3. Any member present may object. An objection must include a brief reason for 
the objection.
4. Any other member present may support one or more objections
5. If a threshold of 25% or more of the members present object, then the 
committee will take it as sufficient cause to send the artifact back to the 
subcommittee for further deliberation.
6. If the threshold is not met then a motion to consider the artifact may 
7. If the artifact is called to question, the voting members present mayaccept,reject or send the artifact back to the subcommittee for further deliberation.

Rule Three;
1. For items that are not artifacts as referenced in rule two, all members may 
propose agenda items to the technical committee by providing a summary of the 
item to the executive secretary no later than five days prior to the meeting.
2. All agenda items are subject to the approval of the co-chairs.

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