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Subject: OpenC2; Resolution for the Language Description Subcommittee


Recall that on June 7, 2017 we elected two co-chairs for the Language Description Subcommittee.    The resolution for the Language Description SC is presented in plaintext below the tearline.  

Request comments NLT COB June 23, 2017.  


Joe Brule
Engineering (Y2D122)
FNX-3, B4A335
‘Numquid et vos vultis formicae! 
Quid illuc est quia formicae!'

===== tear line ========

Resolution to form the Language Subcommittee of the OpenC2 Technical Committee
Whereas the OpenC2 Technical Committee 
●	was chartered to address matters as they pertain to command and control of cyber defense technologies, and
●	the charter defined the drafting of documents, specifications, lexicons, and other artifacts to fulfill the needs of cyber security command and control as being within the scope of the work, and
●	the charter acknowledges that a primary focal point is needed to submit and resolve comments to the language description documents,

Then be it resolved:
A subcommittee known as the Language Subcommittee shall be formed with two coequal chairs and other positions, such as secretaries and document editors, as deemed appropriate by the chairs; using working methods agreed to by the SC; with the Statement of Purpose per the attached.

With a purpose of:
●	soliciting comments to the language description documents, and
●	proposing a resolution of said comments with a recommendation and, if appropriate, a minority report, and
●	presenting said proposal to the Technical Committee for consideration, and
●	executing the resolution of the comments to the language description document in accordance with the direction provided by the technical committee.

Language Subcommittee Description 
The OpenC2 language is a standardized language for the command and control of technologies that provide or support cyber defenses. Future defense will require the integration of new functional blocks, coordination of responses between domains, synchronization of cyber defense mechanisms, and automated actions at machine speed against current and pending attacks. Standard interfaces and protocols are needed to facilitate the integration of components resulting in a more flexible and interoperable cyber defense system. A defined, standardized, and unambiguous machine-to-machine command and control language will help realize this vision. 

Statement of Purpose
This OpenC2 Language SC is responsible for the development, maintenance, and resolution of comments to the OpenC2 language documentation, including the language specification documents, use cases, JAEN specification, JSON specification, glossary, etc.

The initial Language Description SC co-chairs, as voted at the inaugural meeting of the OpenC2 Technical Committee, shall be:
●	Jason Romano, and
●	Duncan Sparrell
All interested parties are welcome to participate in evolving the OpenC2 language as part of the Language SC under the main OASIS OpenC2 Technical Committee.

List of Deliverables 
●	OpenC2 Language Specification
●	JSON Abstract Encoding Notation (JAEN) Specification
●	OpenC2 JAEN Schema
●	OpenC2 JSON Schema
●	OpenC2 Glossary
●	Other non-normative work products to increase adoption and improve the ease of use of the specification


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