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Subject: A motion to table the 'Meeting Times' motion


When I read Mr. White's  comment regarding meeting times, I see: 
'does help'
'it's nice to see'  

This selection of words from him and others indicates that a set meeting time regardless of day is a good convention and I don’t think anyone is arguing against that.  

To formally codify this as a standing rule, bylaw or whatever is another matter and is detrimental.  For example, this will result in procedural hurdle to deal with every time there a legitimate need to modify a meeting time for a SC, tiger team or even the TC itself.  This removes agility,  flexibility and adds additional work for people that are working logistical matters.  

There is another consideration, albeit less vicarious.  It appears that this 13:00 eastern time was selected as a matter of convenience for members of a particular TC and I suspect that this time is not  going to be particularly good for our European colleagues.    Do we REALLY want to create the perception that the OpenC2 TC operates at the convenience of a subset of the American members to the point where we micromanage how the SC, tiger team and study groups schedule their meetings?  


A motion to table the 'Meeting Times'.  The intent of the 'Meeting Times' can be adequately met with a convention and to formally codify this is detrimental.  

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Subject: [openc2] Meeting times!

Howdy OpenC2 TC!

Coming from the KMIP and PKCS11 TCs, the regularly scheduled time does help.  

In practice the TC can take steps to decide to schedule meetings bi-weekly like PKCS does or once a week like KMIP

Also, having it at 1300 EST is awesome - its nice to see.



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