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Subject: Groups - Action Item "Establish OpenC2 Subcommittees" Closed

Action Item Subject: Establish OpenC2 Subcommittees
Item Number: #0001

OpenC2 TC subcommittee co-chairs to establish their subcommittee and set up an operating tempo; recruit subject matter experts, document editors, and secretaries; and transfer artifacts from OpenC2 Forum GoogleDocs and GitHub to the OASIS equivalents. And to the extent possible, host at least one subcommittee meeting prior to the next TC meeting on 13 July 2017

Owner: Mr. Joe Brule
Status: Closed
Priority: High
Due Date: 13 Jul 2017

Ms. Joyce Fai 2017-07-17 18:51 UTC
The Language, Actuator Profile, and Implementation Considerations Subcommittees have been established and operation tempo has been set. Subcommittees have conducted or set up their first meetings.

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