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Subject: DKS11 - Lang Spec CSPRD01 comment - Rules on extending language

Page 22 Line 46ish to page 24 line 27ish - Section 3.3.4

Section 3.3.3 has very specific rules about what can and can not be extended in the language when importing objects from other specifications. In particular it says:

âThe OpenC2 Language MAY be extended using imported data objects for TARGET, TARGET_SPECIFIER, ACTUATOR, ACTUATOR_SPECIFIER, ARGUMENTS, and RESULTS. The list of ACTIONS in Section SHALL NOT be extended.â 

It does not say something equivalent in section 3.3.4 Extensions and there are no conformance statements enforcing the previous sentence.

I propose sections 3.3.3 and 3.3.4 be combined in a new section 3.3.3 entitled âExtending the OpenC2 Languageâ, that the new 3.3.3 contain two subsections (consisting of the former 3.3.3) and (consisting of the former 3.3.4), and that the sentence I quoted above appear in 3.3.3 before the two sections and apply to both.

I will try to put some conformance statements in separate comments.



Duncan Sparrell

sFractal Consulting LLC

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