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Subject: Mark your calendar: IACD Community day


Refer to the email I pasted below.  IACD community day has been announced, but they have not set up the registration yet.  DHS was impacted by the shutdown, so they are most likely scrambling to get prepared for community day....

==== tear line =====

A lot of folks weren't at work when we sent the first Save-the-Date, and since then, we've opened the call for presentations.  So here is a quick reminder. 

Integrated Cyber is coming 2 and 3 May at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, MD.  It will be a free day-and-a-half event filled with keynotes, breakout talks, and networking opportunities about security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) and Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense (IACD).  The theme is the "Evolution of Security Automation".  Put it on your calendar now.  Registration will open mid-March.

To ensure we have the best talks from the widest variety of folks involved in cyber defense, we're looking for great presentations.   Submit online at https://www.iacdautomate.org/call-for-speakers (to request a fillable PDF form instead, contact icd@jhuapl.edu); there are only four questions (and one is your name).  We'd like to have them by 24 March.

Over the past several years, this event has pushed the state of the research through the state of the art into the expected everyday standard for cybersecurity automation, orchestration, and information sharing strategies.  We've had presentations from government, industry, nonprofits, and academia.  They've covered big picture ideas, policies, and implementations.  

On May 2nd and 3rd, you can join the ranks of previous speakers like Paul Kurtz (TruSTAR), Ben Miller (Dragos), Efrain Ortiz (Symantec), Naasief Edross (Cisco), Shawn Riley (Darklight.ai), Cody Cornell (Swimlane), Matt McFadden (GDIT), Oliver Friedrichs (Splunk) and many others,  and contribute to cyber defense.  We're looking for talks about the New Normal (real world applications and implementations of orchestration and automation), the Extension (advanced thoughts on research and the near-term-next that will soon become the norm), and the Future (innovative ideas on the directions SOAR will extend to in the next few years) of automated and orchestrated cybersecurity.


Joe Brule
Engineering (Y2D122)
FNX-3, B4A335
'Adnius ad retinedam puritem noster peciosus corporalis fluidorum...'
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