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Subject: OpenC2 Happenings for week of 4 March 2019

ITEM ONE: Nominations for co-chairsÂ
We will vote for the replacements for the co-chairs whose terms are up in March. Currently we have one nominee for each open co-chair position:
  • TC: Duncan Sparrell, sFractal Consulting
  • Language SC:Â Toby Considine, UNC
  • Actuator Profile SC: Alex Everett, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Implemenation Considerations SC: Michelle Barry, AT&T
Nominations are open until March 13th.ÂIf you or a colleague are interested in being a co-chair, please consider a nomination for one of the positions. Feel free to contact any of the existing co-chairs if you have any questions regarding the time commitment involved and the scope of the duties. There is no obligation for a co-chair to be a document editor or vice-versa; The fact that our co-chairs are also currently editors is a coincidence and atypical within OASIS TCs.
ITEM TWO:Â Public Review ONE resolutionsÂ
The TC's #1 priority right now is resolving PR01 issues to create the PR02 versions of the three specifications. Our goal is to approve new CSD/PR versions of the specifications soon and hopefully initiate PR02 before or concurrent with the upcoming RSA Conference.

OpenC2 over HTTPS Status: The Implementation Considerations SC (IC-SC) has resolved the PR comments and is in the process of generating a document for consideration as a CSD. The IC-SC has reached general consensus and the document should be ready this week.

SLPF Status: The Actuator Profile SC has resolved the PR comments but is still addressing some recent issues that were identified post-public review. The SLPF has dependencies on resolutions within the Language specification. The AP-SC is projecting that we will reach general consensus, and the document should be ready this week.

Language Status:Â The Language SC is working at an aggressive pace and has reached general consensus on the majority of the issues identified. The editors are anticipating approximately two weeks to complete resolution of all issues, but plan to post a working draft at the end of the week prior to the RSA conference.

All three subcommittees appreciate the comments received and welcome more comments via github issues and/or OASIS email distribution.

Note: a new standing rule was adopted at the 20 February meeting that empowers the TC co-chairs to initiate an electronic ballot on a proposed CSD / CSPRD when a SC puts forward a working draft they consider ready for approval.

ITEM THREE: Next Face-to-Face
The next TC F2F meeting will be held April 30 - May 1 in Washington, hosted by AT&T. This schedules the meeting adjacent to the next IACD Integrated Cyber event, planned for May 2-3 at JHU APL. The TC co-chairs are seeking someone to organize the meeting agenda. Please contact Joe Brule or Sounil Yu if you're interested in taking a lead on this meeting.
ITEM FOUR: Meetings for the week of 4 March 2019 (all times are Eastern)
Language SC:Â Tuesday at 13:00
Implementation Considerations SC: Wednesday at 13:00
Very Respectfully,
Joe Brule on behalf of the OpenC2 Co-chairs

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