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Subject: Draft Minutes: OpenCSA LSC Inaugural Meeting on 11/12

OpenCSA InterTC LSC Inaugural Meeting
Nov 12, 2007

1. Welcome: Convener  (Sanjay Patil)
   OpenCSA MS Steering Committee's directive for forming the Inter TC
Liaison Subcommittee (LSC):

Sanjay verified the list of representatives of the OpenCSA SCA TCs and
the OpenCSA MS SC to the LSC.

2. Roll call: Convener

Martin Chapman 
Mike Edwards
Anish Karmarkar
Michael Rowley
Sanjay Patil
Bryan Aupperle
Henning Blohm
Dave Booz
Ashok Malhotra
Jeff Mischkinsky

David Burke
Simon Holdsworth

3. Appointment of Note taker(s): Convener
Sanjay volunteered
4. Election of TC chair(s), Convener 

 a) Determination of number of chairs

Motion to have two co-chairs passed unanimously
<Apologies of the scribe for not capturing the mover and the seconder>

 b) Nominations, Statements from Candidates

 c) Call for votes
Jeff and Sanjay were voted as co-chairs unanimously

5. Hand-off of meeting from convener to newly elected chair(s). 

Jeff chaired rest of the meeting

6. Approval/agenda bashing of (remaining) meeting agenda

No changes suggested
7. Introduction to OASIS process: OASIS staff 

No discussion
8. Future meetings - Timing, Frequency, Call Sponsorship

Motion:Sanjay, Second:Mike - to have a weekly meeting for an hour every
Monday a 8 am pacific
Motion passed unan.
MikeE suggested to limit the call to 55 minutes
Action: Jeff and Sanjay to send out dial-in info for future meetings
Next Meeting: Nov 19th

9. Charter overview

10. Operational Issues
  a) Quorum Requirements

Motion: MikeR, Second:Booz, - Representatives of 5 out of 7
organizational entities to be present  in order for an LSC meeting to be
Motion passed unan.

Consensus to use the default OASIS policy of individuals as voters (as
opposed to organizational entities)

11. LSC Tools
  a) Mailing List

LSC Mailing List has been set up. Any OASIS member can post email to the
LSC mailing list.
Since this is a subcommittee, there are no attendance rules affecting
the voting membership

  b) Use of LSC Kavi pages - for document storage, calendar, AI, etc

LSC Kavi Page has been set up:

  c) Issues Tracking - OSOA JIRA Project

Consensus to use JIRA for issues, and Kavi AIs for tracking routine AIs
MikeR: Suggests that the LSC should maintain a document of
recommendations made by the LSC to the OpenCSA TCs, etc.
Suggestion for chairs to maintain the recommendations doc

  d) Other

12. Initial Work Items and Work Plan

Discussion on can the LSC raise issues on their own
Sanjay: Charter requires that issues for LSC can be submitted only by a

Action: Ashok to submit an issue on 'conformance targets' following the
issue submission convention of SCA TCs
13. AOB 

Meeting adjourned at 8:56 AM Pacific
Next Meeting: Nov 19th at 8 AM Pacific

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