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Subject: Draft minutes of Apr 2nd, 2009 LSC conf-call

Title: Draft minutes of Apr 2nd, 2009 LSC conf-call

1. Roll Call
   Jeff, Martin, Dave, Sanjay, Anish, Bryan
   [Assembly, Policy, Java, BPEL, Bindings, C-C++]

2. Scribe Assignment

3. Agenda Bashing

4. Approval of draft minutes of Mar 5, 2009
   Approved. m: Jeff, s: Anish, passed unanimously.

5. OpenCSA Project Management

Verify/update the PR schedule
Mid Mar – Assembly, Policy, BPEL TC to vote 1st Public Review (60 day) 
- will probably take Mary until the end of mar to actually start
Mid March – c/c++ mid march vote 1st Public Review (60 day)
End March - bindings vote 1st PRD
mid April - Java vote 1st PRD
End  Aug – be ready for CS votes (except Java?)

Assembly, Policy, BPEL and C-C++ specs have been submitted for PR to TC Admin. A PR notice for these specs may go out early next week (week of Apr 6).

Bindings TC is targeting to go for PR by end of Apr. Number of issues is down to 4. Whether all the three specs can go for PR by end of Apr is no clear from the minutes of the recent Bindings TC conf-call (Apr 2nd).

Java TC – targeting for end of Apr for Java C&I and Java CAA specs. Lot of progress has been made recently through the additional conf-calls.

Discussion on Eventing and Java EE specs. Both areas are important and their schedule may be a factor of sparing bandwidth.

Verify/Update the Testing Schedule:
Assembly Test Assertions 1st draft done         end of mar
Assembly TestCases 1st draft done               mid may
Public review draft ready                      end of jun
Other TCs trailing behind by 1 month

Status of test assertion drafts:
Assembly – Draft test assertion document with full coverage of the PR specification draft has been out for the TC review.

Policy – 20% assertions work is done. Aiming for end of Apr for the rest.
Java – Not started on test assertions work.
Bindings – Not started on test assertions work.
BPEL – About 50% work is done. Aiming to wrap up the rest in 2 weeks (may stretch up to end of Apr considering that test assertion work may lead to raising and resolving spec issues).

C-C++ - 95% test assertions are done for both the specs. Remaining assertion are about rejecting non-conformant documents. Aiming for end of Apr to finish.

Status of test case work from Assembly TC - No recent update

6. New Issues

7. Next conf-call
Apr 23rd, 2009

8. AOB

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