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Subject: DRAFT - OpenCSA Steering Committee Minutes - 02 Nov 2007

DRAFT - OpenCSA Steering Committee (SC) Minutes - 02 November 2007 9:00 AM PDT

0. Agenda bashing and Roll

Attending:                  Graham Barber, David Burke, Mark Little, Sanjay Patil, Michael Rowley.
Apologies:                  Patrick Leonard, Jeff Mischkinsky.
Absent:                     None.
OASIS Staff:                Dee Schur.
Identified Observers:       Mike Edwards, Anish Karmarkar.
Notes:                      Graham Barber.
Agenda Items added:         None.

1. Minutes Approval

- 26 October 2007:

        - One amendment: Add Patrick Leonard to Attendee List.
        - Resolution to Approve, as amended: Passed (Little/Burke)- Unanimous.

2. Open Action Item Review

- Summary of Open Items Due:
- All Items covered by Agenda Items, so not discussed.

3. Inter TC Liaison Subcommittee

- Briefly reviewed updated Inter TC Liaison Subcommittee (LSC) Charter
Revision One.
- Motion to accept this Charter Revision One as the revised charter for the Liaison Subcommittee:
        Passed (Rowley/Little) - Unanimous.
- Michael Rowley reported that Michael & Henning were appointed LSC reps from the SCA-J TC.
- Graham will follow up absent nominations from SCA-Bindings TC.
- Graham confirmed previous SC decision to defer operational procedures (e.g. Quorum Rules)
  to the LSC to decide.
- Motion: Appoint Michael Rowley & Sanjay Patil for dual LSC roles as SC representatives
  (as well as representatives from their own TCs) - (Rowley/Little) - Unanimous.
- Dee to check that Kavi Pages are being set up for LSC; Graham will ensure OSOA JIRA section.
- As pro tem co-chair, Sanjay will convene first LSC teleconference.

4. SDO Charter

- Motion: Approve Affiliation of Service Data Objects (SDO) TC with the OpenCSA Member Section
  (Burke/Little) - Unanimous.
- Graham will communicate resolution to SDO TC mailing list and SDO Charter Supporters.

5. Evangelism Items

- Webinars: Dee is awaiting Abstract from Michael Rowley & Abstract/Title from Bryan Aupperle,

  else we are good to go.
- All to consider broadening the base publicity that OASIS will do, including:
        - InfoQ (Mark Little),
        - ServerSide (Mike Edwards),
        - Tuscany (Mike Edwards),
        - OSOA (Graham Barber),
        - Own Company Sites (All).        

- Volunteer Database: Mark has uploaded spreadsheet, although only 3 speakers (Rowley/Booz/Edwards)
  have volunteered. Mark will resend request to Plenary presenters and consider asking TC chairs if
  response remains poor.
- Graham will update text in AIs 9 & 11.

6. OASIS Spring 2008 Symposium

- CfP has closure in mid-December, so we will revisit when JavaOne earlier target (below) is reached.

- JavaOne has CfP closure on Nov 15th and SC felt that some shared papers should be submitted:
        - Mark will write up an abstract for a moderated round table,
        - Mike Edwards will circulate some ideas to Member Section mailing list.
*** New Action Item #0024: Plan OpenCSA Member Section involvement in JavaOne & OASIS Spring Seminar.

Any Other Business?

None offered.

Future SC Agenda Topics?

None offered.

Forthcoming Vacation/Absence information?

None offered.

Confirmation of next Teleconference.

The next regular teleconference is at 9am PDT on Friday November 9th.


Meeting closed, 9.40am PDT.

Respectfully Submitted,
Graham Barber,

Graham J Barber,

OASIS OpenCSA Steering Committee Secretary & Vice-Chair,
Program Director, SOA Partnerships, IBM Corporation.
Internal:                              245702,  External: +44 (0)1962 815702
Secretary (Carol):          245395,                    +44 (0)1962 815395
Cellphone (Worldwide):                                    +44 (0)7880 734005

Unless stated otherwise above:
IBM United Kingdom Limited - Registered in England and Wales with number 741598.
Registered office: PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU

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