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Subject: Draft Minutes, OpenCSA Steering Committee meeting of 2008-07-11

Open CSA Steering Committee
Draft Minutes of 2008-07-11
0. Agenda bashing and Roll
	Present - Members: Burke, Freund, Little, Mischkinsky
	Observers - Mike Edwards

	Agenda thrashed and agreed

0.1 Congratulations

	Welcome to the newly elected Steering Committee members

	Bob Freund - 2yr term
	Patrick Leonard - 1yr term

	CURRENT STEERING COMMITTEE (as of July 2nd, 2008)
	Steering Committee 			Next Election
	 Member			Affiliation 	 for Seat
	-------------------	-----------	-----------
	David Burke		TIBCO		May 2010
	Bob Freund		Hitachi		May 2010
	Mike Kaiser		IBM		May 2010
	Patrick Leonard		Rogue Wave	May 2009
	Mark Little		Red Hat		May 2010
	Jeff Mischkinsky	Oracle		May 2009
	Sanjay Patil		SAP		May 2009

1. Minutes Approval

	- 13 June 2008:
	resolution: m:Mark s:David minutes of 2008-06-13 approved w/o 	

2. Open Action Item Review and Discussion


3. LSC Status:
	Discussion around what elements would be key for high level status  
	by LSC at next meeting.

	Do we want to delay this until the September meeting to accommodate
	schedules?  (i.e. what is availability of everyone for Aug 8th and
	Sep 12th)

	Is limit of 5 minutes or less appropriate for each? (This means that we
	need to allocate about 40 minutes for the next Steering Committee  
	Else we need to call a special meeting to allot more time for initial
	presentation.  What would be good dates for to do this special meeting?

	Members thought that it is important that the LSA begin to discuss  
status reporting

	SCA-J TC new chair Mark Combellack
	resolution: m:Little s:Burke Mark Combellack appointed to LSA  
replacing Rowley approved w/o

4. Election Activity
	Now that we have a full Steering Committee in place, we need to close  
	a plan for closing Steering Committee elected positions	by end of July.

	1.	Chair:		Re-election due by: 	July 31, 2008
	2.	Vice-Chair:	Re-election due by:	July 31, 2008
	3.	Secretary:	Re-election due by:	July 31, 2008


	The Steering Committee Procedures indicate that these positions will be
	filled annually.

	Send nominations to the Chair and Secretary by 11:59pm EST, Wed July  
		Nominations will be for a) Chair b) Vice-Chair or b) Secretary
	If no majority is received.  Candidates with one vote or less are
	removed from the running.  If there is one candidate remaining that
	candidate is declared the winner.  If there are two or more candidates
	then those candidates will be put into a run-off.  This process will
	be repeated until one candidate is declared a winner.

	Chair will set up balloting to open Friday July 19th and close Monday,
	  July 28th.  (Chair may delegate this to Secretary.)

	Run-off (if needed) will occur July 29th - Aug 4th.
	Second Run-off (if needed) will occur Aug 5th - Aug 7th.

	Elected positions will be in force August 1, 2008 through July 31,  

	Kaiser is willing to stand for vice-chair and secy
	Mischkinsky willing to stand for chair
	action: Burke to ask steering cttee members if they wish to stand for  
any of these offices
5. Review of Steering Committee Operational Procedures

	This document must be reviewed for completeness and correctness a  
	of every 6 months.  The last approval date was in January 2008...so  
	time to review, update and approve again.

	PROPOSAL: Discuss the suggested changes below, then circulate document
	for approval at next Steering Committee meeting (scheduled for
	August 15, 2008 )

	Suggested Updates Include:

	1. Steering Committee Positions:
		Fix Steering Committee Positions to indicate that Voting will be
		done annually in July for all positions and candidates will take
		their seats during the first meeting in August (or next meeting
		thereafter).  Positions will be August 1 - July 31 on an annual
	resolution: m:Mischkinsky s:Freund to update the operational  
procedures with the above proposal w/o

	2. Regular Teleconference Processes:
		#1 SC Teleconferences
		Mike suggests that the Call-in information be changed to simply
		indicate that call-in information will be provided on the OASIS
		calendar.  This allows for the eventuality that this call-in
		information changes for some reason over the life of the Steering
		Committee.  Or perhaps, add a note which says something to the
		effect... "this call-in information may change over time.  Readers
		are advised to consult the OASIS OpenCSA calendar for actual call-in
	resolution: m:Freund s:Burke to update the operational procedures  
with the above proposal w/o

		#4 SC Minutes
		Currently the process states that draft minutes are produced
		within one working day by the SC Secretary.  I would like to suggest
		that this time be extended to 5 working days, if possible.
		Normally this isn't a problem, but occasionally it is problematic.
	resolution: m:Mischkinsky s:Freund to update the operational  
procedures to require minutes be published within a week w/o

		This section states that meeting attendance is tracked on the
		Calendar Entries for each SC meeting.  This requires the use of
		the OASIS attendance tracking...for which Mike does not have
		privileges/authority. Instead attendance tracking has been done
		as part of the minutes since mid-November of last year.  Perhaps
		we can change the wording to use either though, there seems to be
		no real need to track using Kavi (i.e. minutes are adequate).
	resolution: m:Mischkinsky s:Burke to update the operational  
procedures to record meeting attendance in the minutes w/o

	3. Inter-TC Coordination:
		Change name of SCA Inter-TC Liaison Subcommittee to OpenCSA TC Liaison
		SubCommittee per the updated charter approved in May of this year.
	resolution: m:Burke s:Freund to change the name of the Inter-TC  
Liaison Subcommittee to the OpenCSA TC Liaison SubCommittee per the  
updated charter w/o
	4. Quarterly Reports to OASIS Board
		Suggest that we remove this section all-together since it is
		likely that the Process Committee will change this rule so that
		only Member Sections which are OASIS funded are bound by this
	resolution: m:Mischkinsky s:Burke remove the requirement for  
quarterly reports to the OASIS Board from the operational Procedures w/o

	action: Secretary to update the Operational Procedures reflecting the  
resolutions above and circulate the revised document for review prior  
to the next steering cttee meeting


6. Any Other Business?
	- none -

7. Future SC Agenda Topics?
The following items were held over
	Mike to schedule the following topics for the August 15, 2008 meeting:

	*  Revisit of the F2F meeting on the Agenda for July/August timeframe.
		(from June 13, meeting)
	At the 2008-07-11 meeting, members thought that there is no current  
need, but that there is a potential need in the future however the  
schedule is unclear.

	*  Final review and approval of Steering Committee Operational  

	*  Steering Committee Position Election results.

	*  LSC TC Updates/Status

8. Next Meeting

    	- Due to conflicting vacation schedules the next regular  
teleconference is scheduled for August 15, 2008
		9:00am PST, 12:00pm EST, 5:00pm UK

9. Adjourn


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