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Subject: draw:transform issues

I think the definition of the draw:transform element (OpenDocument 1.0
spec page 286) could be improved:

- Please specify whether the angle arguments for rotate, skewX, and
  skewY are supposed to be in degrees or radians. OpenOffice currently
  outputs values in radians.

- Please specify the argument types for translate and scale. In SVG they
  are unitless real numbers. OpenOffice uses Lengths for the translate

  (Personally I think using Lengths for transform is unnecessary and
  confusing, the only real benefit apparently being to avoid specifying
  svg:x and svg:y)

- The ty argument to translate is optional, but the default value is not
  specified. Presumably it should be zero :-)

- This is probably just a bug in OpenOffice, but while the specification
  states that scale(sx) = scale(sx, sx), OpenOffice treats it as
  scale(sx, 1).

Please let me know if this is the right forum for feedback of this kind.
BTW, is there an errata to the spec posted anywhere?


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