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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] merging xml subdocuments

Hmmm... although the spec is clear about how to create a single XML, it
certainly isn't clear about naming conventions and the like.

Yes, to create a single XML all you have to do is put all the contents
of styles.xml, meta.xml, content.xml and settings.xml all in one file
and wrap them around <office:document> tags. But the spec says nothing
about whether you can use this in the zip file or what name it should
have. My current interpretation is that the single XML file is only
intended for an application's internal processing and not as a final
mode of storage.

Hmmm.... :(

Maybe someone else can comment and clarify.


On Fri, 2006-28-07 at 21:56 -0400, jeff sacksteder wrote:
> I'm building documents dynamically using a templating system. I would
> strongly prefer having a single xml document to simplify version
> control. I see that the spec mentions that this is possible, but is
> vague on details. What I would like is to have a zip file containing a
> META-INF directory, a manifest.xml, and a document.xml.
> Is this possible?
> Does the unified file need to have a well-known name?
> Can I simply concatenate the three documents together and wrap them in
> <office:document> tags? 
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