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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] how to define fields of odt, which would not be affected by digi-signature?

The field (placeholder) for the graphics could/should
be given the position and size when prepairing the document,
and it would not change when signing.
Graphics woud need to be smaller or eqal the size.
Probably this could be implemented via special frame (I am not sure exactly)

This would make digital document signing closer to traditional one
and as well easier to come into practice :)
because clerks are very used to see graphical signatures on the papers

> I guess I don't like the idea of the signing
> process modifying the document itself by inserting a photo or graphical
> signature.  This can introduce problems and change the meaning of the
> document.  For example, the insertion of the photo and signature could cause
> the page to layout differently, or even cause a roll-over to a new page,
> changing the size of the document.  Depending on how "orphans and widows"
> are treated in the word processor, text that refers to "the previous page"
> or "page 19" might now be broken references.  The best practice is to sign
> what you see.
> But I could see the photo and signature -- essentially metadata associated
> with the signer's public key -- being prominently featured in the
> application UI.  Look at how server side SSL certificates work in web
> browsers.  They don't cause text to be inserted into the HTML rendering.
>  Instead they show up in the status bar and a user can double-click to
> explore the details.
> But I'm far from an expert in this area.
> -Rob

Jurgis Pralgauskis
omni: 8-616 77613; teledema: 8-657 65656;
jabber: jurgis@akl.lt; skype: dz0rdzas;
Don't worry, be happy and make things better ;)

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