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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] simple OO.org document goes awry in MS Office 2007 w/SP2 - what went wrong?

marbux scripsit:

> >> If that is true, then I apologize for that error. I had this weird
> >> idea that your incessant pushing for plugfests might have had
> >> something to do with the event's instigation.
> >
> > An apology immediately followed by a snipe is no apology at all.
> Sorry that I wasn't more clear. I should have put what I said in
> sarcasm tags, I guess.

So let's see: you concede that you might have made a mistake, but whether
or not, you will not apologize.  In the alternative, you do not concede
that you might be mistaken, and therefore do not apologize.  In short,
"je ne regrette rien".  Glad to have that cleared up.

The rest of my post stands, of course.

So they play that [tune] on                     John Cowan
their fascist banjos, eh?                       cowan@ccil.org
        --Great-Souled Sam                      http://www.ccil.org/~cowan

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