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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] Adding tables to ODP files

On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 9:07 AM,  <robert_weir@us.ibm.com> wrote:
> marbux <marbux@gmail.com> wrote on 10/31/2009 05:15:08 PM:

>> When do we users get that choice and power, Rob? ODF 11?
> ODF 1.1 improved over ODF 1.0.  And ODF 1.2 will improve over ODF 1.1.  We
> don't need to be perfect all at once.  The goal is be useful and
> continually improving quality, and increasing adoption.

So ignore the fact that there are minimum market and legal
requirements for interoperability in regard to IT standards until ODF
13? Who benefits in the meantime?

It surely isn't the users who want freedom to switch to different
implementations. Bob Sutor in my opinion accurately called this
situation in his Intraoperability vs. Interoperability article.
<http://www.sutor.com/newsite/blog-open/?p=1260>. The vendors who
share the OOo code base look from here to be the major beneficiaries
of keeping the spec under-specified in every version. One-way
"interop" at best for the rest of the implementors and their users.

Rob, why has there never been a work item on the ODF TC agenda or
ISO/IEC:26300 or ODF 1.2 that reads: "specify clearly and
unambiguously the conformity requirements that are essential to
achieve the interoperability?"

Precisely why should the NB delegates at JTC 1 adopt ODF 1.2 as an
international standard without compliance with that section of JTC 1

And why should IS 26300 maintenance be left in OASIS hands at the end
of the PAS transition period in 2011, when the ODF TC hasn't even got
a start on compliance with that section?

I'd really like to hear any reasonable answer to those questions.

Best regards,


Best regards


Universal Interoperability Council

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